Hello members I am sorry but i decided to close cannon-war, as the new layout not wanna connect with the database
And it will take to much time to recreate every single option.

I converted some stuff, rewarded prizes from contest to balances and converted shares to balance at current share price.
You can contact cannonwar1992@gmail.com to claim your balance but do it with the same emailadres you used to join cannon-war.
Payments are trough paypal.

Users and balances

Karlonia 40
Surfeuze 72.5
Yopsolo 29
adko66 24
Chicopoury 32
postaldude 45
lordelderon 25
icekrimm 13
jeet 10
indo_cing 11
marcinku 13
lovor1940 9
rubentuhar 7
marcobenz76 54
sinus72 8.5
notacta 9
malek325321 5
junaidi92 5
vorte 5
cry13lgame 25
danch 8
desita 7

Sorry for this decision but even if i take time to recreate every single option i still wont have enough time to run the site smooth enough in future.